Using the API

In order to start using the REST API you need to:

  1. Sign up at Vigla,
  2. add a wallet,
  3. retrieve the access token form the wallet page.

The access token is a random UUID automatically generated when you add a wallet to Vigla. It should be kept secret and for that reason it’s hidden on the page by default.


Should you have any suspicions about your access token being disclosed to unauthorized person, please generate a new one and update your config.

Basic settings

The base URL for all API requests is

All input data is required to be in JSON format, and all responses are returned in JSON format.


The API requires HTTP Basic auth with:

  • username: the wallet’s master address,
  • password: the access token

Making requests

Let’s assume you have a wallet with:

  • address 56eDKfprZtQGfB4y6gVLZx5naKVHw6KEKLDoq2WWtLng9ANuBvsw67wfqyhQECoLmjQN4cKAdvMp2WsC5fnw9seKLcCSfjj
  • access token b690d2d2-80cf-41f1-a2c8-29972c076d24

An example request using Python requests library would look like:

import json
import requests
import requests.auth

auth = requests.auth.HTTPBasicAuth(
rsp ="", auth=auth)

print(json.dumps(rsp.json(), indent=2))

And example output would be:

  "active_until": "2020-05-18T11:00:26.743958",
  "addresses": {
    "active": 65,
    "all": 76
  "created": "2020-02-18T11:00:26.744348",
  "height": 0,
  "master_address": "56eDKfprZtQGfB4y6gVLZx5naKVHw6KEKLDoq2WWtLng9ANuBvsw67wfqyhQECoLmjQN4cKAdvMp2WsC5fnw9seKLcCSfjj",
  "name": "test order payments",
  "net": "stage",
  "notify_url": "",
  "watch_master": false

With the connection properly set up, it’s time to obtain your first address.